The Shared Earth Foundation Grants
FY2022 Annual Report
Organization Grant Amount
Abraham Foundation $50,000.00
New York, NY
Support for elephant conservation in Sri Lanka. 
Alliance for International Reforestation $50,000.00
Atlanta, GA
Support for AIR, which is reforesting the highlands of Guatemala, working with local villagers and landowners.
Alliance for International Reforestation $20,000.00
Atlanta, GA 
Providing Covid- and hurricane-related assistance to small villages in Guatemala's Altiplano, for medicine, food, unemployment compensation and general economic assistance.
Animal Legal Defense Fund $50,000.00
Cotati, CA 
Support for sustainability of this organization, which acts as lawyer, advocate and legislative model for protections of domestic animals. 
Bay Journal  $100,000.00
Mayo, MD 
Promoting sustainability for this multi-media voice of the Chesapeake Bay. 
Bay Journal  $25,000.00
Mayo, MD 
General operating support for an organization which uses print, film and other media to promote widespread understanding of the issues around environment and conservation throughout the Chesapeake Bay Watershed. 
Bay Journal  $10,000.00
Mayo, MD 
Support for the film "Thinking Like A Watershed."
Bay Journal  $25,000.00
Mayo, MD 
Support for staff and expanded issue coverage. 
Bay Journal  $15,000.00
Mayo, MD 
General support for this multi-media organization which covers environmental issues throughout the Chesapeake Bay and serves government and general publications as well as film-goers. 
Bhutan Foundation $30,000.00
Washington, DC
Supporting the Foundation's conservation, governance, cultural and environmental programs on the ground in the Himalayan Kingdom.
Bhutan Foundation $30,000.00
Washington, DC
Conservation of elephants and tigers as well as village sustainability in this Himalayan Kingdom.
Bhutan Foundation $50,000.00
Washington, DC 
To support a new agricultural project in Panbang, to supplement income lost to this town during the Covid pandemic, and operations supporting the organization's work while this Himalayan country combats the pandemic.
Chesapeake Film Festival $15,000.00
Production of the 13th Film Festival, focusing on the impact of climate change on wildlife and human residents of the Chesapeake Bay.
Chesapeake Conservancy $70,000.00
Annapolis, MD 
The grant includes $50,000 toward the organization's goal of conserving 100,000 acres of land per year, and $20,000 for operations. 
Chesapeake Legal Alliance $100,000.00
Annapolis, MC
Support for this organization, which joins other groups, lending their legal support to defend the Chesapeake Bay; and for a Board Reserve to assure future sustainability. 
Clean Water Fund $50,000.00
Washington, DC 
Supporting the Fund in its fight to strengthen the regulations governing confined animal feeding operations and septic systems. 
Defenders of Wildlife $350,000.00
Washington, DC 
Support for the Wildlife Defense and Restoration Act; protecting wildlife now and preparing to reverse damage done to them and their habitats. 
Defenders of Wildlife $75,000.00
Washington, DC 
Support for the Red Wolf Recovery Program in North Carolina. 
Eastern Shore Land Conservancy $30,000.00
Easton, MD
Support for the Delmarva Oasis, conserving land for wildlife on the Delaware, Maryland and Virginia eastern shore of the Chesapeake Bay. 
Elephant Care International $10,000.00
Hohenwald, TN 
Support for elephant veterinarians in Thailand during the Covid-19 shutdown.
Elephant Care International $25,000.00
Hohenwald, TN 
Supporting Thai Vets, mahouts and their elephants during the Covid pandemic when tourism, a major part of the mahouts' income, has disappeared. The vets follow the mahouts and elephants back to their villages for care. 
Environmental Film Festival $125,000.00
Washington, DC 
Support for the 2022 Environmental Film Festival in the Nation's Capital, as well as for the annual Award for Environmental Advocacy.
Environmental Integrity Project $50,000.00
Support to continue using the law to force the Environmental Protection Agency to update 
discharge standards for wastes from slaughterhouses.
Environmental Investigation Agency $50,000.00
Support for board reserve and long-term sustainability. 
Game Changers Foundation $150,000.00
Laguna Niguel, CA
Impact campaign for the film Game Changers, which presents the vegan diet as a solution to climate change, animal welfare and improved human health. 
Kent Cultural Alliance $60,000.00
Chestertown, MD
To complete enclosing of this landmark building and cultural organization before winter sets in.
Kent Cultural Alliance $50,000.00
To complete a 3-year pledge to assist in renovating the headquarters and galleries. 
League of  Women Voters Education Fund $100,000.00
Washington, DC 
Fighting to open or restore voting rights to US citizens in certain States and jurisdictions, and to register new voters. 
LEAP $107,000.00
San Leandro,CA
Staff support and support for Freshwater for the Future, cataloging all fish in Sabah's waters and working to improve water quality throughout the State. 
LEAP $30,000.00
San Leandro,CA
Film shorts on the importance of  Conservation Areas for wildlife protection. 
LEAP $60,000.00
San Leandro,CA
Continued support for Human/Elephant Harmony, enabling elephants and villagers to coexists against crop raiding by elephants elsewhere. 
Lewis & Clark Law School $60,000.00
Preparing lawyers to advocate for domestic and all animals; to provide legal assistance where needed, and for The Shared Earth Foundation Chair. 
Lion Guardians  $68,500.00
Washington, DC 
Lion conservation in Kenya, in cooperation with the Maasai in Amboseli National Park. 
Mongabay Org.  $25,000.00
Menlo Park, CA 
Support for a correspondent to cover environmental and conservation on the island of Sri Lanka for Mongabay; an online news medium for readers, scientists and policy makers worldwide.
National Aquarium in Baltimore $50,000.00
Support for Wetlands;, brining wetlands with wildlife and aquatic life to Baltimore Harbor to help educate the City's students as well as adult visitors. 
National Geographic Society $50,000.00
Support for the forthcoming book PhotoArk, portraits of animals threatened, endangered or extinct in the wild. 
National Geographic Society $50,000.00
Washington, DC 
Support for the organization's program to protect and conserve African Wild Dogs in Zimbabwe. 
National Wildlife Federation Mid-Atlantic Regional Center $50,000.00
Annapolis, MD 
Helping to combine voices for the Chesapeake Bay to press for defending and improving the health of the Chesapeake Bay.
Northern Jaguar Project $50,000.00
Staff support for jaguar conservation in Sonora, Mexico, working with local cattle ranchers to resolve human/jaguar conflict. 
Orang Utan Republik Foundation $15,000.00
Santa Monica,CA
Conservation of orang utans, working with small Indonesian and international organizations in Sumatra, Indonesia. 
Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine $40,000.00
Washington, DC
Fighting Covid-19 with food, offering online courses in more healthfulness meat-based diets to people most susceptible to Covid and other diet-based diseases. 
Rachel's Network $20,000.00
Washington, DC
Empowering women to fights for the environment.
RESOLVE  $15,000.00
Washington, DC 
Trailguard AI, which creates animated, computerized images of animals and/or poachers, enabling identification by species; sends warning to herder, gardener or game warden for immediate response.
Savannah Science Museum $50,000.00
Savannah, GA 
Sustainability Board Reserve grant supporting the Carretta Research Project, protecting nesting sea turtles and hatchlings on Wassaw Island, Georgia. 
Small Wild Cat Conservation Foundation $7,500.00
Corrales, NM 
To save the Fishing Cat Conservation Project, researching and raising awareness of the Fishing Cate and other small cats in Sri Lanka. 
Small Wild Cat Conservation Foundation $11,000.00
Corrales, NM 
Support for virtually unknown small wild cates, including Geoffrey's Cat, Oncilla and Manuls (Pallas cats).
Smithsonian Conservation Biology Institute $33,000.00
Front Royal, VA
Support for SCBI's work with veterinarians caring for elephants in Laos, during the Covid pandemic. 
Smithsonian Conservation Biology Institute $30,000.00
Front Royal, VA
Support for arboreal listening devices to detect presence of Rabb's and other endangered frogs in the Panamanian rainforest. 
Snow Leopard Conservancy $125,000.00
Sonoma, CA 
Support for Snow Leopard Conservation throughout its range, and for a successful match challenge for the virtual fundraiser in times of Covid. 
Snow Leopard Conservancy $35,000.00
Sonoma, CA 
Support for Village Guard.
Street Sense  $25,000.00
Washington, DC 
Staff support for this multi-media organization, which helps the homeless of Washington, DC by offering economic opportunities,, connecting vendors with housing and critical services, and experience in multi-media work. 
Sultana Education Foundation $50,000.00
Chestertown, MD
Support for sustainability of a major scientific and youth education program in Chestertown, MD, aboard the sailboat Schooner Sultana.
The Maryland / DC Chapter of the Nature Conservancy $50,000.00
Continued support for Urban Conservation, expanding the Conservancy's stormwater control work from Washington, DC to Baltimore, MD.
Upstream Alliance $125,000.00
Continuing support for an organization that brings young established professionals together to plan multi-jurisdictional plans; also connects teachers and school superintendents to implement science in the classroom and outside. 
Upstream Alliance $60,000.00
Staff support. 
Women Make Movies $100,000.00
New York, NY 
Support for post-production work for the film MADIDI, focusing on jaguar poaching in Madidi National Park, Bolivia, and sale of jaguar parts in China. 
United Conservationists $10,000.00
Toronto, CA
Save the Sharks, a public service media campaign for shark conservation.
Washington College $49,000.00  
Chestertown, MD
To assist with construction of a new Bird Banding Station on the College's land.
Western Environmental Law Center $50,000.00
Eugene, OR 
Continued support for legal team defense of wildlife in the American West. 
WildAid  $30,000.00
San Francisco, CA
Pangolin conservation in China and Vietnam, preventing the killing and consumption of pangolin scales and meat. 
Wildlands  $25,000.00
Seattle, WA 
Continued support for the Pacific Coast Wildlands Corridor connecting from Washington to Baja, California. 
Wildlife Conservation Society $40,000.00
Bronx, NY 
Combatting a serious mange epidemic in Guanacos as well as domestic camelids in South America.
Women Make Movies $100,000.00
New York, NY 
Continuing support for the film Madidi about jaguar poaching in Bolivia, and the sale of jaguar parts in China.
Woodland Park Zoo $30,000.00
Seattle, WA 
Continued support for Tree Kangaroo conservation on the Huon Peninsula, Papua New Guinea.
Grand Totals (83 items) $3,491,000.00