Funded in FY2000
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The Shared Earth Foundation Grants, FY 2000


Alliance for International Reforestation $9,000
DeLand, FL; Chimaltenango, Guatemala
To purchase land adjacent to the Training Center in Chimaltenango to enhance AIR=s training and outreach abilities and demonstrate the organization=s self-sustaining organic farming and reforestation systems.

Chester River Craft and Art, Inc. $11,000
Chestertown, MD
To purchase laboratory equipment for the School Ship SULTANA, to teach environmental science of the Chesapeake Bay and its tributaries.

Cochrane Ecological Institute $8,000
Cochrane, Alberta, Canada
To continue CEI=s Swift Fox reintroduction program in partnership with the Blackfeet Indian Reservation in Montana, and to maintain breeding pairs for future reintroduction.

Eastern Shore Land Conservancy $10,000
Queenstown, MD
To support work with landowners on the Eastern Shore of Maryland=s Chesapeake Bay in preserving habitat of the endangered Delmarva Fox Squirrel.

Environmental Film Festival $5,000
Washington, DC
To assist this 11-day event in March, 2001, which promoted environmental understanding through the screening of over 100 films by 75 organizations in over 50 venues throughout the Nation=s Capital.

Fundacion Amigos de la Naturaleza $15,000
Santa Cruz, Bolivia
To strengthen FAN=s development program.

Fauna and Flora International $10,000
San Francisco, CA
To review existing and develop new forest certification standards to ultimately enable consumers to avoid wood products from companies which permit the taking of endangered bushmeat during logging operations.


Friends of the National Zoo $10,000

To assist FONZ and the National Zoo in protecting Giant Pandas in the wild, to develop improved management and breeding programs for Giant Pandas in zoos, and to increase the National Zoo=s education outreach programs.

Institute for Agriculture and Trade Policy $10,000
Minneapolis, MN
To complete the preliminary design of a long-term program to reduce poison runoff into the Mississippi River, with the goal of reversing hypoxia in the Dead Zone in the Gulf of Mexico, and restoring the vitality and biodiversity of the Basin and coastal and marine ecosystems.


Northwest Ecosystem Alliance $8,000
Bellingham, WA
The project will develop overlay maps of habitat and proposed logging and road plans for southern British Columbia and southwestern Alberta, to illustrate the impacts of such activities on the habitat of grizzly bears, bull trout, woodland caribou and spotted owl.

Orangutan Foundation International $10,000
Los Angeles, CA
Continuation of grant to support elected local government officials and local police in protecting the endangered orangutans of Tanjung Puting National Park, Borneo, Indonesia, from loss of habitat by illegal logging and mining.


Pacific Coast Biodiversity Project $10,000
Seattle, WA
To induce the US Forest Service to make an institutional shift from emphasis on natural resource extraction to forest ecosystem restoration, starting in three forests in western Washington.

RARE Center for Tropical Conservation $10,000
Arlington, VA
For the Conservation Education Campaign in Manantlan, Mexico, to increase environmental stewardship and protection, and participation in conservation programs, and to enhance the local partner=s capacity for implementing effective education and marketing campaigns.


Savannah Science Museum $5,000
Savannah, GA
A cooperative effort between the Savannah Science Museum, US Fish ad Wildlife Service and the Wassaw National Wildlife Refuge, GA, to study and protect the nesting habitat and young loggerhead sea turtles.

The Nature Conservancy/Maryland-DC Chapter $10,000
Bethesda, MD
To continue the Ecoregional Planning Project to guide protection of native species and natural communities, rare and common, in the Chesapeake Bay Lowlands Ecoregion.


Wildfowl Trust of North America $5,000
Grasonville, MD
To increase appreciation and understanding of wetlands as valuable habitat, and to improve wetlands protection to benefit waterfowl at the Horsehead Wetlands Center.