Funded in FY2001
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The Shared Earth Foundation Grants, FY 2001

African Wildlife Foundation $15,000.00
Washington, DC
African Heartlands Program:  Science Unit

Alliance for International Reforestation $12,000.00
DeLand, FL
Continuation of programs

Biodiversity Northwest $10,000.00
Continuation of Wildlands Restoration work in Cascades

Center for Orangutan & Chimpanzee Conservation $10,000.00
Wauchula, FL
To assist with match for construction of a health care/food prep/quarantine building

Center for Policy Alternatives $20,000.00
Washington, DC
To support progressive State environmental leaders.

Chester River Association $15,000.00
Chestertown, MD
Chester Riverkeeper Initiative

Clean Water Network $8,000.00
Washington, DC
CWN CAFO Workgroup Mini-Caucus

Cochrane Ecological Institute $8,000.00
Cochrane, Alberta
Continuation of Swift Fox Restoration Program

Defenders of Wildlife $50,000.00
Washington, DC
Continuation of Programs

Earth Sangha $5,000.00
Fairfax, VA
Native Tree Restoration Project

Eastern Shore Land Conservancy $15,000.00
Queenstown, MD
Regional Planning Conference

Environmental Film Festival $10,000.00
Washington, DC
Continuation:  Environmental Film Festival 2002

Fauna & Flora Preservation Society Inc. $10,000.00
Presidio of San Francisco, CA
Continuation of Bushmeat Program grant

Friends of the National Zoo/NZP $10,000.00
Washington, DC
Continution of Giant Panda Conservation Research Program pledge

National Aquarium in Baltimore $10,000.00
Baltimore, MD
Wetlands restoration project on Eastern Neck Wildlife Refuge.

The National Center for Animal Law $10,000.00
Portland, OR
Animal Law Conference

The Nature Conservancy $15,000.00
Arlington, VA
Conservation programs in Peru

Northwest Ecosystem Alliance $8,400.00
Bellingham, WA
British Columbia Trans-boundary Conservation Project

Orangutan Foundation International $15,000.00
Los Angeles, CA
Patrols in Lamandau Forest Reserve

Orangutan Foundation International $12,500.00
Los Angeles, CA
General purposes -- orangutan and habitat protection

Rachel's Network $10,000.00
Washington, DC
Administrative funds

Rhode Island Zoological Society $5,000.00
Providence, RI
Biodiversity Survey on the Huon Peninsula, Papua New Guinea

Savannah Science Museum $5,000.00
Savannah, GA
Continuation of grant - Loggerhead Turtle and Nesting Site Protection

Snow Leopard Conservancy $10,000.00
Los Gatos, CA
Conservation of Snow Leopard in India

South Wings $7,500.00
Chattanooga, TN
Support for Flightwatch Program, surveilling logging activities in Southeastern States.

Washington College $7,200.00
Chestertown, MD
Research Internship in Habitat Restoration for Native GrasslandBirds on the Eastern Shore

Western Land Exchange Project $8,000.00
Seattle, WA
To support reform of Federal land exchange policy in Western States to better serve US public and conserve natural resources.

Wild Sentry $7,000.00
Hamilton, MT
Into the Lion's Den

Wildfowl Trust of North America $4,000.00
Grasonville, MD
Habitat improvement for migratory waterfowl.

Wildlife Conservation Society $8,900.00
Bronx, NY
Protection of the Chacoan Guanaco (camelid similar to llamas) in Bolivia.


Total, 31 Grants