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The Shared Earth Foundation Grants, FY 2004

Adkins Arboretum $8,135.00
Adkins Arboretum
Ridgely, MD
To enhance wildlife habitat and manage invasive species.

African Wildlife Foundation $20,000.00
Washington, DC
To assist AWF's Geographic Information System (GIS) needs and to bring AWF staff and
community representatives together to design wildlife zones that will minimize conflicts
while benefiting the communities involved.

Alliance for International Reforestation $12,000.00
DeLand, FL
To support one Tecnico's work with five villages; to provide transportation;
and construction of a small store to sell locally-made products.

American Forests $20,000.00
Washington, DC
To help achieve the vision of healthy forest ecosystems for every community.

American Rivers $25,000.00
Washington, DC
Continued support for the Corps Reform Campaign, to make the Army Corps of Engineers
responsive to the needs of rivers and the natural systems they support.

Animal Legal Defense Fund $10,000.00
Support for Zero Tolerance for Cruelty Campaign.

Center for Science in the Public Interest $5,000.00
Washington, DC
Support for Eating Green project, exploring the links between diet, health,
and the environment; and promulgation of the necessary policy innovations that follow.

Chester River Association $15,000.00
Chestertown, MD
Continuation of support of Chester Riverkeeper Program, and promoting stewardship of the
Chester, as well as an understanding of the river's place in the economic and cultural life
of our communities.

CRC Foundation $15,000.00
Front Royal, VA
Continuation of support for elephant reproduction research, which led to the birth
of the National Zoo's calf Kandula, and for protection and enhancement of elephant
populations around the globe.

Defenders of Wildlife $25,000.00
Washington, DC
To support Defenders' work to halt the accelerating rate of extinction of species and the
associated loss of biological diversity, habitat alteration and destruction.

Earth Sangha $10,000.00
Fairfax, VA
Development of Wild Plant Nursery, using native plants from the Potomac Valley.

Eastern Shore Land Conservancy $15,000.00
Queenstown, MD
Annual planning conference and County workshops on Maryland's Eastern Shore.

Environmental Film Festival $10,000.00
Washington, DC
Environmental Film Festival 2005.

National Aquarium in Baltimore $10,000.00
Baltimore, MD
To support the Asociacion ANAI, in Costa Rica, and to offer workshops training
ANAI staff to develop a leatherback sea turtle rescue and tagging program.

National Center for Animal Law $15,000.00
Portland, OR
Support for National Center for Animal Law's 13th Annual Animal Law Conference.

National Parks and Conservation Association $20,000.00
Washington, DC
Support for Clean Air for Parks and People Campaign, to control sources of air pollution
in our National Parks.

The Natural Step $1,000
San Francisco, CA
General Purposes.

The Nature Conservancy $20,000.00
Arlington, VA
To support la Sociedad Peruana de Derecho Ambiental's efforts to coordinate civil
organizations to assure that the benefits of the Camases pipeline redound to all Peruvians.

Oxfam America $15,000.00
Boston, MA
To support CEPCU, a community group in Ecuador working for environmental awareness
and sustainable agriculture.

Rachel's Network $20,000.00
Washington, DC
To further the Network's mission of creating a network of women conservation funders to be
an influential voice for the environment.

RARE Center for Tropical Conservation
Arlington, VA
To further RARE's mission of protecting wild lands of globally significant biodiversity by
enabling local people to benefit from their preservation.

Rhode Island Zoological Society $5,000.00
Providence, RI
For a mapping project to assist the indigenous people of Papua New Guinea in establishing
a formal conservation area on the Huon Peninsula.

Savannah Science Museum $5,000.00
Savannah, Georgia
Continued support for loggerhead sea turtle research and conservation.

Snow Leopard Conservancy $10,000.00
Sonoma, CA
Initiate Snow Leopard conservation programs in Pakistan.

South Wings $8,500.00
Ashville, NC
Continuation of support for Conservation Flight Operations, to protect and conserve the
biodiversity and globally significant ecosystems of the Southeastern US by providing
the tool of flight to conse4rvtion groups and communities.

Southern Environmental Law Center $10,000.00
Charlottesville, VA
Continuing SELC's Private Forests Project and confirming the Center's leadership role
in the Cumberland Plateau Conservation.

Western Land Exchange Project $10,000.00
Seattle, WA
To protect wilderness in the Western US from legislative and Federal agency attempts
to exchange inferior private lands for valuable Federal holdings.

Wild Sentry $7,000.00
Hamilton, MT
To provide education on the inherent value of wild wolves, and the disastrous
consequences of keeping wolves and wolf hybrids as pets.

Wildlife Conservation Society $10,000.00
Bronx, NY
Continue conservation of the Chacoan Guanaco, in both Bolivia and Paraguay.

World Women Work $25,000.00
Santa Fe, NM
Orangutan Conservation in the primary forests of Belantikan , Indonesia.

Worldwatch Institute $16,000.00
Washington, DC
Support for the Institute's Global Security Project, to provide a broader perspective on the
meaning of security - one that explores the underlying challenges to global stability and that
unites rather than divides the world community.

Total 31 grants
Total $407,635.00