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The Shared Earth Foundation Grants, FY 2005

Adkins Arboretum, Ridgely, MD $10,000.00
Meadow and wetland restoration, to provice habitat for native birds, butterflies and other animals, and plants as diverse habitats for wildlife.

Alliance for International Reforestation, DeLand, FL, Chimaltenango, Guatemala $10,000.00
Provide funding for tecnicos' work in communities planting trees and teaching sustainable farming to the Mayans of the Guatemala Highlands.

American Forests, Washington, DC $20,000.00
Work with community-based forestry groups, encouraging understanding of and support for ecosystem services as a means to unite community forestry groups in different regions of the country.

American Rivers, Washington, DC $25,000.00
Corps Reform Campaign, to reorient the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers so that they manage our rivers withhuman safety and environmental consequences in mind.

Animal Legal Defense Fund, Petaluma, CA $10,000.00
Continuation of Zero Tolerance for Cruelty Campaign, to assure that animal abuse is recognized for the serious crime that it is.

Boliivian Conservation Fund, Chestertown, MD/Santa Cruz, Bolivia $35,000.00
Conservation of biodiversity in Bolivia.

Center for Policy Alternatives, Washington, DC $15,000.00
To coordinate state environmental work with outreach to progressive state legislators.

Center for Science in the Public Interest, Washington, DC $20,000.00
To disseminate the report Cruel Oil , on the disastrous impacts of palm oil on endangered species such as the orangutan, tiger and elephant, as well as on human health.

Chesapeake Fields Institute, Chestertown, MD $10,000.00
To preserve farmland on Maryland's Eastern Shore by making farming profitable through production of locally-grown, food-grade farm products for the human market.

Chester River Association, Chestertown, MD $30,000.00
Continuation of support for the Chester Riverkeeper Program, and promoting stewardship of the Chester, as well as an understanding of the River's place in the economic and cultural life of our communities.

The Cougar Network, Concord, MA $5,000.00
Research on potential cougar habitat in the Midwest.

CRC Foundation, Front Royal, VA $15,000.00
Research on captive and wild elephant reproduction, to encourage breeding of captive elephants, as well as wild elephants and other endangered wildlife.

Defenders of Wildlife, Washington, DC $25,000.00
To promote protection of endangered species and their habitat, especially endangered carnivores, and to advocate new approaches to prevent species from becoming extinct.

Earth Sangha, Fairfax, VA $10,000.00
Earth Sangha is the only nursery in the Washington area dedicated exclusively to the propagation of native plants from local, wild populations. This partnership will help continue the Wild Plant Nursery in the coming year.

Eastern Shore Land Conservancy, Queenstown, MD $15,000.00
Annual Planning Conference

Eastern Shore Land Conservancy, Queenstown, MD $15,000.00
To expand land conservation message to residents of the Eastern Shore of Maryland.

Environmental Film Festival, Washington, DC $15,000.00
Environmental Film Festivel 2006

Great Ape World Heritage Survival Project, Cambridge, MA $2,200.00
Representation at the Round Table on Sustainable Palm Oil's Round Table 3 in Singapore.

The Maryland/DC Chapter of The Nature Conservancy, Bethesda, MD $30,000.00
Mountains to Marshes Campaign, to conserve high-conservation-value lands between the mountains of Western Maryland and the marshes of the Chesapeake Bay and the shoreline.

National Aquarium in Baltimore, Baltimore, MD $10,000.00
In partnership with Costa Rica-based ANAI, to support initial phase of Demonstration Stream Restoration Project in Costa Rica, to enhance ecosystems for communities and biodiversity.

National Center for Animal Law, Portland, OR $15,000 2006 Animal Law Conference, to educate and inspire people to advocate for animals. National Parks Conservation Association, Washington, DC $20,000.00
To promote and advocate for Clean Air for Parks, People, and the Chesapeake Bay.

The Nature Conservancy, Arlington, VA $20,000.00
Integration of Biodiversity Conservation and Oil and Gas Development in Peru.

Orang Utan Republik/SEE, Los Angeles, CA $5,000.00
Orang Utan Republik Education Initiative, working to conserve orangutans in Sumatra, Indonesia.

Oxfam America, Boston, MA $15,000.00
Support for No Dirty Gold Campaign, which focuses on environmentally and societally damaging gold mining practices in places such as Peru, Ghana and Guatemala.

Rachel's Network, Washington, DC $20,000.00
To promote women as envireonmental leaders, unite their voices, and bring the environment to the forefront of the national agenda.

Rainforest Alliance, New York, NY $5,000.00
To increase the pace of sustainable forest management in Indonesia, particularly in Borneo.

RARE Center for Tropical Conservation, Arlington, VA $20,000.00
To assist Rare Enterprises and Conservation Tours Tikal, an ecotourism enterprise in Guatemala

Red Wolf Coalition, Columbia, NC $10,000.00
Red wolf conservation; the red wolf is one of the most endangered canids in the world with fewer than 300 in existence.

Savannah Science Museum, Savannah, GA $5,000.00
Endangered Sea Turtle Conservation on Wassau Island

Snow Leopard Conservancy, Sonoma, CA $10,000.00
Conservation of the rare and endangered Snow Leopard in Ladakh and Pakistan.

South Wings, Ashville, NC $10,000.00
To acquaint legislators, journalists and policy-makers with the damage done by poor forestry practices in the Southeastern United States.

Southern Environmental Law Center, Charlottesville, VA $10,000.00
Continue support for conserving private forestlands in the South, particularly on the Cumberland Plateau

Sultana Projects, Inc., Chestertown, MD $10,000.00
To provide scientific equipment and staff training, to continue the mission of education on the ecological value of the Chesapeake Bay.

Western Lands Project, Seattle, WA $10,000.00
To alert the public to inequitable exchanges of Federal for less ecologically valuable private lands, to the detriment of public good, as well as fragile ecosystems species and communities.

Wildlife Conservation Society, Bronx, NY $10,000.00
Continued conservation of the Chacoan Guanaco in Bolivia.

World Women Work, Santa Fe, NM $25,000
Further work with HUTAN, conserving orangutans, the rare Bornean Pigmy Elephant, and other endangered species by mediating human/animal conflicts and assisting the local people in sharing the Earth with endemic wildlife.

Worldwatch Institute Washington, DC $16,000.00
Turning the Tide: research, development, communication and dissemination of facts and ideas in order to turn the tide on vital global issues such as clmate change.

Grand Total $588,200.00