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The Shared Earth Foundation Grants, FY 2007

Adkins Arboretum, Ridgely, MD $13,000.00
Programs to promote stewardsip of the land, and appreciation for the Eastern Shore's natural heritage.

African Wildlife Foundation, Washington, DC $20,000.00
Continuation of GIS work leading to, for example, establishment of a Faunal Reserve in the Democratic Republic of the Congo, refuge for bonobos and other rare animals.

Alliance for International Reforestation, DeLand, FL, Chimaltenango, Guatemala $10,000.00
Continuation of work in Guatemala, working with communities in the flood-damaged area of Atitlan.

American Forests, Washington, DC $20,000.00
To plant trees; and to disseminate information on the value of ecosystem services that trees provide in terms of clean air and water, and the importance of preserving private forests and open space.

American Forests, Washington, DC $10,200.00
With the help of American Forests, aiding MESCOT, a small group on the Lower Kinabatangan River, Sabah, Malaysia, Borneo, in restoring their degraded forests.

American Rivers, Washington, DC $25,000.00
To protect water quality and quantity, and the flow of rivers and fish through removal of dams.

Animal Legal Defense Fund, Petaluma, CA $10,000.00
Continuation of Zero Tolerance for Cruelty , focusing on dogfighting.

Atlanta Botanical Garden, Atlanta, GA $6,000.00
Working with local counterparts in Chile, the project conducts research, captive breeding and scientific training to preserve the rare, endangered Darwin's Frog.

Chester River Association, Chestertown, MD $15,000.00
Continued work, through River Advocacy, cooperation with Farmers, and a septic upgrade program, to improve the quality of the Chester River on Maryland's Eastern Shore.

Cougar Fund, Jackson, WY $5,000.00
Cougar Conservation by this noble and falsely maligned cat's "PR Firm".

The Cougar Network, Concord, MA $10,000.00
Research into potential cougar habitat, and attitudes toward the Cougar, as they extend their range eastward.

Earth Sangha, Fairfax, VA $10,000.00
Continued support of Wild Plant Nursery, which propagates wild native plants and disseminates them throughout the Washington community.

Eastern Shore Land Conservancy, Queenstown, MD $15,000.00
9th Annual Planning Conference

Environmental Film Festival, Washington, DC $15,000.00
Environmental Film Festival 2008

Environmental Investigation Agency, Washington, DC $10,000.00
Support for ending the illegal timber trade, which is destroying ecosystems, animal habitat, and the livelihoods of indigenous peoples.

Forest Service Employees for Environmental Ethics, Eugene, OR $2,500.00
Defense of National Forests, supporting whistleblowers who expose illegal agency behavior, advocate for excellent forest management and policies, and oppose or support forest-related legislation.

Friends of the National Zoo, Washington, DC $15,000.00
Elephant Reproduction Monitoring Program

Great Ape World Heritage Survival Project, Cambridge, MA $25,000.00
Conservation of Great Apes and their habitat in Sabah, Malaysia, Borneo.

Leap, Oakland, CA $25,000.00
Parntership with HUTAN, in Sabah, Malaysian Borneo, to conserve orangutans, the Bornean Pygmy Elephant, and the forests and wildlife along the Lower Kinabatangan River.

Leap, Oakland, CA $26,500.00
Supporting Women, Empowerment, Trees, to improve the lives of women in northern Sabah, Malaysian Borneo, through tree planting.

National Aquarium in Baltimore, Baltimore, MD $16,430.00
Training for staff of Asociacion ANAI in Leatherback Sea Turtle and other marine animal rescue, rehabilitation, and tracking with GPS.

National Center for Animal Law, Portland, OR $15,000.00
Sixteenth Annual Conference on Animal Law at Lewis and Clark Law School.

National Parks Conservation Association, Washington, DC $20,000.00
To eliminate the State of Alaska's use of intensive management to increase hunter success in national preserves by killing wolves and bears.

Northern Jaguar Project, Tucson, AZ $20,000.00
Support for purchase of valuable jaguar habitat in Mexico.

Orang Utan Republik/SEE, Los Angeles, CA $10,000.00
Orangutan Conservation through education in Sumatra, Indonesia.

Orang Utan Republik/SEE, Los Angeles, CA $6,000.00
To provide assistance to Executive Director.

Population Connection, Washinton, DC $5,000.00
To raise public awareness about hte link between population growth and environmental degradation worldwide.

Rachel's Network, Washington, DC $25,000.00
Promoting women as impassioned leaders and agents of change dedicated to stewardship of the Earth.

Red Wolf Coalition, Columbia, NC $10,000.00
Advocacy for the conservation of the Red Wolf through education and outreach.

Sassafras River Association, Georgetown, MD $10,000.00
To support a Riverkeeper for the Sassafras River, a tributary of the Chesapeake Bay.

Savannah Science Museum, Savannah, GA $5,000.00
Continuing sea turtle conservation on Wassaw National Wildlife Refuge, Georgia.

Snow Leopard Conservancy, Sonoma, CA $25,013.00
Support for local Snow Leopard conservation programs in India, Nepal, China and Tajikistan.

South Wings, Ashville, NC $10,000.00
Fly key media, government and corporate leaders over the forests of the Southeast, enabling them to build stronger protection campaigns and to reform forest policy, by providing powerful evidence and experiences to people who can bring about change.

Southern Environmental Law Center, Charlottesville, VA $10,000.00
Working with private landowners, to conserve and restore the biologically rich forests of the Cumberland Plateau.

Species Survival Network, Washington, DC $5,000.00
SSN participation in the CITES CoP 14, thereby assuring a voice for enhanced protection for listed and proposed-for-listing endangered species.

Sultana Projects, Inc., Chestertown, MD $10,000.00
John Smith Trail Expeditions, enabling students to retrace the route of Captain John Smith, and learn how to improve water quality and wildlife habitat of the Bay and Tributaries.

The Nature Conservancy, Maryland/DC Chapter, Bethesda, MD $20,000.00
Development of a "Sustainability Pact" between oil and gas industries in Peru, and conservation interests protecting the marine resources nourished by the Humboldt Current.

Vital Ground, Missoula, MT $5,000.00
To create a License Plates program promoting Grizzly Bear Conservation.

Washington College, Chestertown, MD $15,000.00
Assist College in collaboration with the Town of Chestertown to comply with U.S. Mayors Climate Protection Agreement.

Western Environmental Law Center, Eugene, OR $10,000.00
Predator Protection Program, providing protection for Grizzly Bears, Canadian Lynx, and other endangered predators.

Western Lands Project, Seattle, WA $10,000.00
Continuation of work to protect the public and their lands from exchanges which benefit private interests, through policy changes and meeting individual threats to the public trust by Federal agencies and the Congress.

Wildlife Conservation Society, The Bronx, NY $11,500.00
Conservation of Bolivian Chacoan Guanaco, South America's fourth Camelid.

Woodland Park Zoo, Seattle, WA $10,000.00
Tree Kangaroo Conservation Program, to conserve these rare animals and their virgin rain forests in Huon Peninsula, Papua New Guinea.

Worldwatch Institute Washington, DC $16,000.00
Core support for a research and communications program that promotes needed, feasible innovations -- technological, institutional, and attitudinal -- to accelerate a global shift toward an environmentally sustainable world.

Grand Total $588,143.00