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The Shared Earth Foundation Grants, FY 2008

Adkins Arboretum, Ridgely, MD $15,000.00
Continue Land Stewardship Program and Meadow Restoration and Management Project, to foster appreciation for and planting of native Eastern Shore plants.

African Wildlife Foundation, Washington, DC $20,000.00
Ecological and species monitoring and surveillance as first steps in the conservation of Regional Parc W Heartland, spanning Niger, Benin and Burkino Faso.

Alliance for International Reforestation, DeLand, FL $12,000.00
To fund salaries for a full-time and part-time tecnico to work in villages in the Guatemalan highlands; and to provide 12 fuel-efficient stoves.

American Forests, Washington, DC $20,000.00
To develop a five-year policy to ensure that forests and communities are included in national policy discussions on climate change.

American Rivers, Washington, DC $15,000.00
To protect water quality and quantity, and the flow of rivers and fish through removal of dams.

Animal Legal Defense Fund, Petaluma, CA $10,000.00
Support for Zero Tolerance for Cruelty Campaign, with emphasis on prevention and prosecution of animal fighting cases.

Conservation International, Arlington, VA $15,000.00
Publication of Threatened Amphibians of the World, a unique, comprehensive assessment of the conservation status of the world's 6,000 known species of frogs, toads, salamanders, and caecilians.

Cougar Fund, Jackson, WY $7,500.00
To develop Online Communications, Education and Public Awareness initiative, for those who make land use and wildlife policy decisions regarding cougars.

The Cougar Network, Concord, MA $10,000.00
Sonora Carnivore Conservation Project, to determine the population of jaguars and cougars, and their predation on livestock and wild prey in Sonora, Mexico.

Defenders of Wildlife, Washington, DC $5,000.000
To help develop cure for Chitrid Fungus which is causing world-wide extinction of amphibians.

Earth Sangha, Fairfax, VA $10,000.00
Continuing support for the Wild Plant Nursery, which now grows over 170 native plant species for ecological restoration in the Washington, DC, region.

Eastern Shore Land Conservancy, Queenstown, MD $15,000.00
Tenth Annual Planning Conference: Where are the Eastern Shore's Roads Taking Us, A Regional Transportation Summit.

Environmental Film Festival, Washington, DC $15,000.00
17th Environmental Film Festival 2009

Environmental Investigation Agency, Washington, DC $10,000.00
Implementation of the law banning import of illegally logged wood worldwide, enacted last year, and discouraging Wal-Mart and other global companies from fighting its provisions.

Forest Service Employees for Environmental Ethics, Eugene, OR $2,500.00
FSEEE counsels and defends Forest Service employees who risk their careers to bring to light injustices occurring on and to our National Forests.

HUTAN $8,190.00
Reimbursement to HUTAN for Community Education Exchange with Woodland Park Zoo's Tree Kangaroo Conservation Project, bringing HUTAN specialists to the Huon Peninsula, Papua New Guinea.

HUTAN $25,000.00
To protect and preserve endangered orangutans, elephants, rhinos and other rare creatures and their habitat in northern Sabah, Malaysia, Borneo.

Leap, Oakland, CA $26,500.00
Continued community and conservation work supporting indigenous people, rhinos, elephants, orangutans and other endangered species in Sabah, Malaysian Borneo.

Leap, Oakland, CA $15,000.00
For the Borneo Rhino Alliance, to establish a Rhino Sanctuary in Tabin Wildlife Reserve, Sabah, Malaysian Borneo.

National Aquarium in Baltimore, Baltimore, MD $6,500.00
To provide a Satellite Tag for a rescued Loggerhead Turtles, to track his/her movements after release.

National Parks Conservation Association, Washington, DC $20,000.00
Second year of campaign to protect wolves and bears from hunting in Alaska's National Parks.

The Nature Conservancy, Arlington, VA $20,000.00
Work with Peru to conserve the natural resources of the Humboldt Current, which sweeps much of the coast of South America.

Northern Jaguar Project, Tucson, AZ $10,000.00
Jaguar Conservation in Sonora, Mexico, and the Southwestern US.

Orang Utan Republik/SEE, Los Angeles, CA $15,000.00
Conservation of orangutans in the US and Sumatra, Indonesia, through education.

Population Connection, Washinton, DC $5,000.00
Double the Money campaign, to double funding for international family planning.

Rachel's Network, Washington, DC $25,000.00
Promoting women as impassioned leaders and agents of change dedicated to stewardship of the Earth.

Rainforest Alliance, New York, Ny $10,000.00
Forest Conservation and Rehabilitation in Vietnam, Malaysia and Indonesia: A Pilot Project with Emphasis on Carbon Validation to Protect Biodiverse Forests under Threat.

Rare, Arlington, VA $5,000.00
Pride Campaigns, to give local peoples in Asia the education and incentives needed to protect their unique local species.

Red Wolf Coalition, Columbia, NC $10,000.00
Providing audio/visual equipment for education programs and other purposes to support conservation of this endangered canid throughout its range in North Carolina.

Sassafras River Association, Georgetown, MD $10,000.00
Support for Sassafras Riverkeeper, charged with protection of this important tributary to the Chesapeake Bay.

Savannah Science Museum, Savannah, GA $5,000.00
For protection and conservation of, and research on, endangered Loggerhead and other Sea Turtles nesting on Wassaw Island,

Smithsonian Institution $15,000.00
Continuation of research into captive elephant reproduction.

Snow Leopard Conservancy, Sonoma, CA $25,000.00
Satellite telemetry and Community-based Camera Trapping for Snow Leopard conservation in Mongolia.

South Wings, Ashville, NC $10,000.00
Pilots fly influential legislators, journalists and other opinion leaders over the forests of the Southeast to show the damages from logging and mountain-top mining

Southern Environmental Law Center, Charlottesville, VA $10,000.00
To restore the Longleaf Pine to their original range, and combat mountaintop removal, which destroys forests, wildlife, and water resources.

Sultana Projects, Inc., Chestertown, MD $5,000.00
Continued John Smith Trail Expeditions program, educating children and adults on the ecological value of the Chesapeake Bay and its tributaries.

Vital Ground, Missoula, MT $5,000.00
For Bismarck Meadows Project, to conserve private lands linking large public holdings in Idaho, providing corridors for Grizzly Bears and other wildlife.

Western Enviromental Law Center $10,000.00
Continuation of Predator Protection Project, protecting the Lynx, Mexican Wolf and other predators from actions by the U.S. Government and other threats.

Western Lands Project, Seattle, WA $10,000.00
To oversee public-to-private land transfers to protect the public interest to protect the public interest and the wildlife inhabiting these lands.

Wildlife Conservation Society, The Bronx, NY $25,000.00
To FAN (Fundacion Amigos de la Naturaleza) to continue protection of the rich diversity of wildlife and forests in Bolivia.

Wildlife Conservation Society, The Bronx, NY $11,500.00
Continued conservation of the Chacoan Guanaco, South America's fourth camelid.

Woodland Park Zoo, Seattle, WA $10,000.00
Tree Kangaroo Conservation Project, working with the local people of the Huon Peninsula, Papua New Guinea, to conserve the Tree Kangaroo, and other species.

Woodland Park Zoo, Seattle, WA $7,350.00
Exchange of staff of HUTAN (Sabah, Malaysian Borneo) and Tree Kangaroo Conservation Project.

Worldwatch Institute Washington, DC $24,000.00
Support for core programs promoting new global energy, agricultural and economic models toward a sustainable planet.

Grand Total $568,540.00