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The Shared Earth Foundation Grants, FY 2009

Adkins Arboretum $12,000.00
Ridgely, MD
To continue the Arboretum's restoration of native meadows as plant and wildlife habitat, and demonstrate land stewardship practices to a visiting public.

Alliance for International Reforestation $12,000.00
DeLand, FL
To support tree planting and sustainable agriculture in Guatemala's Altiplano.

American Rivers $15,000.00
Washington, DC
To protect water quality and quantity and the flow of rivers, through
education and advocacy.

Animal Legal Defense Fund $10,000.00
Cotati, CA

Continued support for ALDF's Criminal Justice Program and its Zero Tolerance for Cruelty Campaign.

Atlanta Botanical Garden $6,000.00
Atlanta, GA
To provide a back-up generator for the Darwin's Frog Conservation Project in Santiago, Chile.

Atlanta Botanical Garden $6,000.00
Atlanta, GA
To provide a full-time staffer to care for amphibians threatened by the deadly Chytrid Fungus at the Santiago, Chile, Zoo.

Center for the Expansion of Fundamental Rights $15,000.00
Coral Springs, FL
To expand fundamental rights to include Great Apes #####$$$$$

Chester River Association $15,000.00
Chestertown, MD
Continuing protection of the Chester River on Maryland's Eastern Shore, through advocacy, legislative work, and working with farmers to improve their land management.

Earth Sangha $15,000.00
Fairfax, VA
Continued support for reforestation using wild, native plants; and experimental control of invasive plant species.

Eastern Shore Land Conservancy $15,000.00
Queenstown, MD
11th Annual Planning Conference and related County Workshops.

Environmental Film Festival $15,000.00
Washington, DC
18th Annual Film Festival, March 2010.

Environmental Investigation Agency $10,000.00
Washington, DC
Continued leadership of coalition to implement and enforce new law outlawing import of illegally-logged wood products.

Forest Service Employees for Environmental Ethics $5,000.00
Eugene, OR
To assure a sustainable and envronmentally sound Northwest Forest Plan .

LEAP $15,000.00
Oakland, CA
Support for Bornean Sun Bear Conservation Center, conserving the world's smallest, and very endangered, Sun Bear.

LEAP $2,665.00
Oakland, CA
Mac computer system for Sabah office

LEAP $17,000.00
Oakland, CA
Continuation of support for conservation of orangutans, elephants, rhinos, sunbears, and other endangered species inhabiting Sabah, Malaysian Borneo's, tropical farests.
sunbears and other endangered inhabitants of Malaysian Borneo's tropical forests.

LEAP $10,000.00
Oakland, CA
Continued support for Project Women Empowerment Trees, an agroforestry and empowerment project in Sabah, Malaysian Borneo.

Lewis & Clark Law School $15,000.00
Portland, OR
Seventeenth Annual Animal Law Conference, providing students, lawyers and policy-makers with knowledge and skills to protect animals through law, policy and legal action.

The Maryland/DC Chapter of The Nature Conservancy $20,000.00
Bethesda, MD
Humboldt Current

The Maryland/DC Chapter of The Nature Conservancy $25,000.00
Bethesda, MD
Work with Fundacion Amigos de la Naturaleza

National Aquarium in Baltimore $11,464.00
Baltimore, MD
To provide equipment for the Marine Animal Rescue Program's sea turtle rehabilitation pools, making possible enhanced care of injured or sick sea turtles prior to release back to the sea.

Northern Jaguar Project $10,000.00
Tucson, AZ
Conservation of Jaguars in Sonora, northern Mexico.

Orang Utan Republik Foundation $5,000.00
Santa Monica, CA
Strengthen capacity of Indonesian affiliates, to protect orangutans on Sumatra, Indonesia.

PETA $15,000.00
Norfolk, VA
To assure that non-animal testing proceedures are mandated wherever possible in the Kid Safe Chemicals Act.

Population Connection $5,000.00
Washington, DC
Educating Students for a World of 7 Billion humans, a milestone to be reached in 2011.

Rachel's Network $25,000.00
Washington, DC
Continuing operations

Rare $5,000.00
Arlington, VA
Pride's Latin American Alumni Meeting will formalize Rare's Alumni network and capaicty building for Pride alumnae and current campaign managers to enhance their roles in global conservation.

Red Wolf Coalition $10,000.00
Columbia, NC
Conservation of the Red Wolf in their native habitat in North Carolina

Sassafras River Assn $10,000.00
Georgetown, MD
Support for the Sassafras RIVERKEEPER's advocacy, and to carry out the Sassafras Watershed Implementation Plan.

Savannah Science Museum $5,000.00
Savannah, Georgia
Caretta Research Project, which protects nesting grounds, nesting loggerhead turtles, and hatchlings on Wausau Island, Georgia.

Smithsonian Institution $10,000.00
Washington, DC
To continue the search for a cure for the Chytrid fungus, which is killing amphibians worldwide.

Smithsonian Institution $15,000.00
Washington, DC
To improve the welfare of elephants in North American Zoos.

Snow Leopard Conservancy $25,000.00
Sonoma, CA
Snow Leopard Conservation throughout their range in the Hamalayas.

South Wings $5,000.00
Asheville, NC
To protect and restore habitat, promote biodiversity and limit detrimental human impacts thorugh aerial monitoring of forests of the Southeast.

Southern Environmental Law Center $10,000.00
Charlottesville, VA
To conserve and restore the South's privately held forests, which continue to be under pressure from development, destructive mning practices, and other threats.

Western Environmental Law Center $10,000.00
Eugene, OR
The Predator Protection Project, protecting wildlife corridors, the animals that depend on these corridors for their survival, and to create ecosystem functionality.
depend on these corridors for their survival, and to create ecosystem functionality.

Western Lands Project $10,000.00
Seattle, WA
To protect America's public lands and their wildlife from inequitable exchanges benefiting developers, sprawl and extractive industries.

Wildlife Conservation Society $13,340.00
Bronx, NY
Conservation of the Chacoan Guanaco, a llama-like endangered species, in Bollivia

Woodland Park Zoo $10,000.00
Seattle, WA
To ensure the conservation of the endangered Tree Kangaroo in their native habitat in Papua New Guinea.

Worldwatch Institute $15,000.00
Washington, DC
To provide the world's change agents with the ideas and solutions that can bring about global sustainability, and ensure the health of the planet and all of its creatures.

Grand Total $495,469.00
(41 items)