Funded in FY2004
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The Shared Earth Foundation Grants, FY 2010

Adkins Arboretum, Ridgely, MD $15,000.00
Targeted Goat Grazing Piloot Project, to determine the feasibility of using goats to clear invasive plants at the Arboretum.

American Rivers, Washington DC $5,000.00
Protecting water quality and quantity, and the flow of rivers, through education and advocacy.

Animal Legal Defense Fund, Cotati, CA $5,000
Support for Criminal Justice Program to enforce Zero Tolerance for Cruelty goal.

Center for Science in the Public Interest, Washington DC $5,000.00
To celebrate Food Day, focusing on farm animal welfare.

Cheasapeake Bay Foundation, Annapolis MD $5,000.00
No Child Left Inside Campaign, to assure that children receive a sound environmental education out-of-doors.

Conservation International, Arlington, VA $5,000.00
Climate and Biodiversity Field Project in Papua New Guinea, charting the impact of Climate Change on the flora and fauna of this island nation.

Defenders of Wildlife, Washington DC $25,000.00
Building public support for Wildlife-Friendly Renewable Energy Development.

Defenders of Wildlife, Washington DC $20,000.00
Big Cats Campaign, to conserve big cats including Jaguars, Lions and Lynxes.

Earth Sangha, Fairfax VA $15,000.00
Continuing support for the Wild Plant Nursery and "Rethinking Invasives Control", to find new, more efficient ways to control non-native plants.

Easter Shore Land Conservancy, Queenstown, MD $15,000.00
12th Annual Planning Conference and related County Workshops

Environmental Film Festival, Washington DC $15,000.00
2011 Film Festival in the Nation's Capitol.

Environmental Investigation Agency, Washington DC $10,000.00
Continued work to combat illegal logging in various countries.

Land, Empowermant, Animales, People (LEAP) Oakland, CA $25,000.00
Conservation of elephants, orangutans, rhinos, sun bears and other rare and endangered species in Sabah, Malaysian Borneo, by HUTAN, a conservation and research organization in Sabah, Malaysian Borneo.

LEAP Oakland, CA $45,000.00
Support for facilitation of projects, partnersips and exchanges between the US
and Asian organizations, primarily in Sabah, Malaysian Borneo.

LEAP, Oakland, CA $15,000.00
To continue the Bornean Sun Bear Conservation Center in Sabah, Malaysian Borneo

LEAP Oakland, CA $5,000.00
Successful campaign to prevent the construction of a massive coal-fired plant in Sabah, Malaysian Borneo. The plant threatened much of the Coral Triangle.

LEAP Oakland, CA $5,000.00
New building for the Kinabatangan Orangutan Conservation Project in Sabah, Malaysian Borneo.
Sabah, Malaysian Borneo.

LEAP Oakland, CA $10,000.00
Support for First Borneo Carnivore Symposium, to improve conservation for carnivores throughout Borneo by identifying key areas for their conservation and to design feasible action strategies specific to these areas.

The Maryland/DC Chapter of The Nature Conservancy $25,000.00
Bethesda, MD
Protecting Jaguars in Ecuador through the Ayampe Water Fund, bringing water to urban areas in exchange for protecting the headwaters and Jaguar habitat.

National Aquarium in Baltimore $10,000.00
Baltimore, MD
To fund portable equipment to diagnose marine animals at their stranding site, enabling rapid emergency treatment.

National Aquarium in Baltimore $7,000.00
Baltimore, MD
Blood analysis equipment providing vital information for critical care situations, hospital operating room monitoring for sea turtles and other exotic animals under the Aquarium's Marine Animal Rehabilitation Program and elsewhere.

Northern Jaguar Project $25,000.00
Tucson, AZ
Restoring landscape and prey base for Jaguars in the Northern Jaguar Reserve, Sonora, Mexico, and monitoring the changes in landscape and animals as proof of success.

Rachel's Network $20,000.00
Washington, DC
Promoting women as impassioned leaders and agents of change dedicated to
the stewardship of the Earth.

Rare $5,000.00
Arlington, VA
Alliance for Zero Extinction of Plants and Animals, to prevent species' extinction and protect watersheds through partnerships with local, rural communities in the Andes.

Red Wolf Coalition $5,000.00
Columbia, NC
Red Wolf Conservation.

Savannah Science Museum $5,000.00
Savannah, Georgia
Continued support to protect endangered sea turtles and their nesting habitat on Wassaw Island, Georgia.

Smithsonian Institution $15,000.00
Washington, DC
To develop the means to assess full spectrum of elephant welfare -- from poor to good -- to improve the welfare of elephants in US zoos.

Smithsonian Institution $10,000.00
Washington, DC
Panama Amphibian Rescue and Conservation Project, to protect frogs and other amphibians from the Chytrid fungus, which is devastating amphibian populations around the world.

Smithsonian Institution $10,000.00
Washington, DC
Rescue and Conservation of Amphibians from the Serrania de Pirre, Darien, Panama. To collect and preserve a critical population of various amphibians threatened by the Chytrid Fungus.

Sultana Projects, Inc. $5,000.00
Chestertown, MD
After 10 years, and 50,000 students, Sultana needs new equipment to serve succeeding students drawn from around the Chesapeake Bay and its tributaries.

University of Southern Mississippi Foundation $10,000.00
Hattiesburg, MS
Emergency whale shark tagging following explosion of oil rig in the Gulf of Mexico, to determine the extent of threat to these sea creatures from the oil and dispersant.

Western Environmental Law Center $10,000.00
Eugene, OR
Protecting Wolverines and their habitat.

Wild Sentry $10,000.00
Hamilton, MT
Film of Koani, an adopted wolf, to convince Americans that wolves are not the dangerous creatures some like to portray them as.

Wildlife Conservation Society $13,140
Bronx, NY
Conservation of the Bolivian Guanaco, the New World's fourth camel.

Woodland Park Zoo $10,000.00
Seattle, WA
Continuation of Tree Kangaroo conservation in Papua New Guinea.

Woodland Park Zoo $10,000.00
Seattle, WA
To provide a "Critter cam" for the Tree Kangaroo Conservation Program, permitting researchers to see the world from this endangered marsupial's perspective and study their lives in a way impossible from the ground.

World Women Work $5,000.00
Santa Fe, NM
New work station for HUTAN, a conservation organization in Sabah, Malaysian Borneo.
Malaysian Borneo.

Worldwatch Institute $5,000.00
Washington, DC
Vital Signs Online, providing instant access to the latest data and analysis of key global trends, focusing on species loss, invasive species, status of wetlands, forests and coral reefs.

TOTAL $465,340.00