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The Shared Earth Foundation Grants, FY 2011

Alliance for International Reforestation $15,000.00
DeLand, FL
To continue programs of tree-planting and efficient stove construction for the indigenous people of Guatemala's Altiplano.

ecoAmerica $5,000.00
Washington, DC
ecoAmerica uses consumer research and strategic partnerships to create programs that build awareness, understanding and action for environmental/climate solutions among mainstream Americans.

National Aquarium in Baltimore $15,000.00
Baltimore, MD
Providing needed equipment for the Marine Animal Rescue Program, which treats and releases sea turtles, seal, and other marine animals.

Northern Jaguar Project $25,000.00
Tucson, AZ
Continued support for Jaguar Reserve in Sonora, Mexico, protecting, enhancing and enlarging Jaguar habitat in this northern Mexico state.

Smithsonian Conservation Biology Institute $15,000.00
Front Royal, VA
For a systematic reproductive, health and welfare assessment of working elephants in Thailand, to reduce disease and death of these elephants, thus reducing the taking of wild elephants in Thailand.

Washington College $20,000.00
Chestertown, MD
Contribution to the Endowment for the Center for Environment and Society.

Western Environmental Law Center $10,000.00
Eugene, OR
To protect and restore the enigmatic wolverine in the West.

Wildlife Media $15,000.00
Bellingham, WA
To help produce the film BEARTREK and provide organizational support for the filming. Wildlife Media supports the scientists featured in its films.

Adkins Arboretum $15,000.00
Ridgely, MD
Continuation of experimental program, Targeted Goat Grazing, using goats as eco-friendly means to control invasive plants.

Atlanta Botanical Garden $6,000.00
Atlanta, GA
To expand ongoing conservation of frog species in Chile, to build a breeding facility for six additional species of frogs threatened with extinction by the Chytrid fungus.

Bat Conservation International $10,000.00
Austin, TX
Advocacy on Capitol Hill for funding for the response to White Nose Syndrome, which is extirpating cave-roosting bats across the Northeast, and expanding its deadly reach.

Chester River Association $15,000.00
Chestertown, MD
To assist with the Association's River Advocacy, Septic System Upgrade and Farm Programs on the Chester River, a tributary of the Chesapeake Bay on Maryland's Eastern Shore.

Eastern Shore Land Conservancy $15,000.00
Queenstown, MD
Annual Planning Conference XIII for the six Counties of the Mid- and Upper
Eastern Shore of Maryland

Eastern Shore Land Conservancy $2,750.00
Queenstown, MD
Participation in National Conservation Leadership's Fellows Program

Environmental Film Festival $15,000.00
Washington, DC
20th Environmental Film Festival, featuring moe than 150 films in over 50 venues across Washington, DC.
venues across Washington, DC.

Environmental Investigation Agency $15,000.00
Washington, DC
Working to prevent illegal logging in forested nations by promoting the effective implementation and enforcement of US legislation, including educating US policy makers to the need to lead these efforts.

LEAP $5,000.00
Oakland, CA and Kota Kinabalu, Sabah, Malaysia
To help the small community of Abai in Sabah, Malaysian Borneo, conserve its wildlife and habitat, and become an ecotourism destination.

LEAP $15,000.00
Oakland, CA and Sandakan, Sabah, Malaysia
Support for the Bornean Sun Bear Conservation Center and its work protecting and reintroducing Sun Bears to their forest habitat in Sabah, Malaysian Borneo.

LEAP $50,000.00
Oakland, CA
Operating funds to enable Land Empowerment Animals People to improve human lives and conserve wildlife in Sabah.
the lives of people and conserve wildlife in Sabah. LEAP facilitates projects,
partnerships and exchanges that provoke sustainable ecological co-existence
between humans and their world.

LEAP $25,000.00
Oakland, CA and Sukau, Sabah, Malaysia
To assist HUTAN's research, conservation and ecotourism along the Lower
Kinabatangan River in Sabah, with emphasis on restoring forests, home for
orangutans, elephants, rhinos, sun bears and the host of tropical rainforest

The Maryland/DC Chapter of The Nature Conservancy $25,000.00
Bethesda, MD
Ayampe Water Fund, Ecuador, using a city's payments for water to restore the Ayampe River's watershed, thus restoring habitat for jaguars and other endangered species.

Rachel's Network $20,000.00
Washington, DC
Promoting women as empassioned leaders and agents of change dedicated to stewardship
stewardship of the Earth.

Red Wolf Coalition $5,000.00
Columbia, NC Continued support for protection of endangered Red Wolves in North Carolina.

Savannah Science Museum $5,000.00
Savannah, Georgia
Saving Endangered Sea Turtles and their habitat on Wassaw Island; conducting research and education into the needs of and ways to protect these creatures.

Smithsonian Conservation Biology Institute $10,000.00
Front Royal, VA
Continue search for a microbial species to use as a probiotic treatment against the Chytrid Fungus which is extirpating amphibians, and lead to re-establishment of healthy wild populations of Panamanian Golden Frogs and other amphibians.

Snow Leopard Conservancy $1,500.00
Sonoma, CA
For genetic studies to add to the body of knowledge about these rare, endangered cats.
endangered cats

Snow Leopard Conservancy $25,000.00
Sonoma, CA
Conservation of Snow Leopards throughout their mountainous Himalayan range, from Mongolia to Nepal, working with the local, indigenous people and their communities.

Wildlife Conservation Society $13,340.00
Bronx, NY
Conservation of the Bolivian Guanaco, the fourth New World camel.

Woodland Park Zoo $10,000.00
Seattle, WA
To help the Tree Kangaroo Conservation Program reach its match offered by Conservation International.

TOTAL $423,590.00