The Shared Earth Foundation Grants

Fiscal Year 2015

The Shared Earth Foundation provided 50 grants, totalling $908,700, to 39 partners in countries from Papua New Guinea to Central America, as well as the United States.

Adkins Arboretum




Habitat enhancement and ecological restoration of this 400-acre


arboretum on Maryland's Eastern Shore, managing invasive plants


through several means including goat grazing.


Alliance for International Reforestation


Atlanta, G and Guatemala


To hire an additional field technician, responsible for six new


community groups in the Guatemalan highlands.


Animal Legal Defense Fund


Cotati, CA


For the Criminal Justice Program, preventing and combatting animal


cruelty by ensuring successful prosecution of animal cruelty cases in all


50 states and 3 US territories.


Bat Conservation International


Austin, TX


On-the-Ground conservation of 10 of the most endangered bat species


in 7 countries, protecting habitat and other measures to prevent


extinction of these species.


Bhutan Foundation




To the Small Grants Program in this Himalayan nation.


Center for Environmental Filmmaking




Inspiring a new generation of filmmakers and media experts whose


commitment to environmental stewardship drives them to produce


creative work that is informative, ethically sound, entertaining, and


makes a positive difference.


Chesapeake Conservancy




Engaging the public in the need to protect wildlife habitat in the

Chesapeake Bay watershed.

Chesapeake Media Services


Seven Valleys,PA


To help create a Development Director position for the organization,


which publishes the Bay Journal, Bay Journeys, supports films and


other progra advancing the ecology of the Chesapeake Bay.


Chesapeake Media Services


Seven Valleys,PA


Operating costs for the above organization.


Chesapeake Media Services


Seven Valleys,PA


for the film Beautiful Swimmers Revisited, exploring the changes in the


Bay, the crab fishery, and the industry in general, and the reasons why,


in the 40 years since William Warner wrote his iconic book of that title.


Chester River Association




For the Association's Riverkeeper Program, protecting the Chester


River, tributary to the Chesapeake Bay.


Clean Water Fund




Assisting communities in protecting Maryland's waters and the


Chesapeake Bay, strengthening clean water laws, reducing toxic


chemicals, promoting clean energy and other measures


Defenders of Wildlife




Big Data Project, using data and technology to transform endangered


species conservation.


Earth Sangha




Continued support for the Wild Plant Nursery, restoring native


vegetation in the Washington, DC area; and for Tree Bank Hispaniola,


growing coffee, cacao and other trees to provide income for residents of


the Dominican Republic.


Eastern Shore Land Conservancy




16th Eastern Shore Planning Conference, "Powering Our Renewable


Energy Future"


Environmental Film Festival




Support for the 2016 Environmental Film Festival in the Nation's Capital

Environmental Film Festival




For award recognizing fa film that inspires advocacy in response to a compelling


environmental challenge.


Environmental Investigation Agency



Pursuing further restrictions on ivory trade in Japan while demanding Japan impose significant new restrictions on ivory trade that will lead to a domestic ivory trade ban. Supporting US efforts to restrict ivory trade in this country.

Global Wildlife Conservation


Austin, TX

Protecting amphibians and their habitats through dynamic partnerships worldwide.

International Sea Turtle Society


Surf City, NC


Support for the36th International Sea Turtle Symposium


King Baudouin Foundation US


New York, NY


To assist with translation of the film Ice and Sky and its related


materials into English. Ice and Sky follows a noted glaciologist who


early called attention to climate change using evidence from Antarctic






Oakland,C and Sabah, Malaysian Borneo


General operations for Forever Sabah, which works to make Sabah the


world's first totally green economy.


Lewis & Clark College




Support for the 13th Animal Law Competition, helping animal law


students hone their legal skills.


National Aquarium in Baltimore




Support for Marine Animal Rescue program, which rescues injured and


live-stranded marine animals including sea turtles and seals, restores


them to health and returns them to the ocean.

The Nature Conservancy




District Of Columbia Urban Conservation Program, including


reducing stormwater runoff, expanding and maintaining tree canopy,


and cultivating future environmental leaders.


Orang Utan Republik Foundation


Santa Mon aCA and Sumatra, Indonesia


Support for awareness and conservation of orang utans in the US and


Sumatra, Indonesia through awareness campaigns in both countries,


partnerships, capacity-building and tree-planting


Rachel's Network




Bringing women together to share ideas, environmental projects and inspiration.

Red Wolf Coalition


Columbia, NC


Advocacy for long-term survival of red wolves through education and


outreach, working with stakeholders to find solutions for red wolf


survival in 5 counties of North Carolina


San Antonio Zoo


San Antonio TX and Chile


Saving amphibians in the pristine forest of the Huinay Preserve in Chile.


Savannah Science Museum


Savannah, GA


Conserving loggerhead and other sea turtles by protecting nesting beaches, and


assuring safety of eggs and hatchlings while on the beaches.


Smithsonian Conservation Biology Institute


Front Royal, VA and Myanmar


Support for film targeted to Burmese villagers on how to live with wild


elephants rather than engage in conflict with them.


Smithsonian Conservation Biology Institute


Front Royal, VA


Experimental vaccination program of endangered Hellbender


Salamanders against the Chytrid Fungus, which is fatal to many species


of amphibians.


Smithsonian Conservation Biology Institute


Front Royal, Va, Thailand and Myanmar (Burma)


Teaching and training national veterinarians and mahouts in elephant care

in Thailand and Myanmar.

Smithsonian National Museum of Natural History



Felidae DNA Barcode, enabling enforcement agents to verify the presence of endangered cats in confiscated in illegal wildlife trade, and

prepare strong cases for court action.

Snow Leopard Conservancy


Sonoma, CA

Ensuring Snow Leopard survival and conserving mountain landscapes by expanding enviornmental awareness and sharing innovative practices through community stewardship and partnerships throughout the cats' Himalayan range.

Street Sense



To create a half-time administrative position to assist the Executive

Director in his responsibilities at this newspaper about and substantially written by the newspaper vendors; and the organization's

multi-media programs.

Street Sense




General operating assistance for this bi-weekly newspaper written by


and for the homeless of Washington, DC.


Street Sense




To increase support from major donors such as foundations, individuals


and corporations.


Upstream Alliance




Key Environmental Education Leadership Program, offering


professional development in communication and networking skills


building networks of leaders across generations and geographies to


strengthen programs addressing daunting environmental challenges.


Western Environmental Law Center


Eugene, OR


Continued support for the Predator Protection Project, focusing on


protection of Wolverines and Lynx.




San Francisco, CA


Anti-ivory campaign in China, Vietnam and Thailand, using brief but


dramatic and powerful PSAs that advise potential buyers, "When the


buying stops, the killing can too."


Wildlands Network


Seattle, WA


Continuing work to restore cougars and other predators along the Eastern Wildway, a potential wildlife corridor along the entire East Coast of the US

Wildlife Conservation Society


Bronx, NY

Green Ranching in the Pantenal, Brazil, a long-term effort to conserve the Pantenal biome, its wildlife, an sustainable rural livelihoods

Wildlife Guardians

Alexandria, VA and Kenya

To expand the Lion Guardians Training program, thus amplifying both the reach and impact of LG's Lion Conservation work across the lion rangeland states in Africa.

Woodland Park Zoo


Seattle, WA


Continuation of program conserving endangered Tree Kangaroos on the


Huon Peninsula in Papua New Guinea.


World Parrot Trust


Lake Alfred, FL


For the liberation and monitoring of six endangered Great Green


Macaws in the Cerro Blanco Protected Forest, Guayaquil, Ecuador.


Grand Totals (50 items)


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