The Shared Earth Foundation Grants
FY 2021
Organization Grant Amount 
Abraham Foundation $75,000.00
New New York, NY
Continued support for the Centre for Conservation and Research in Sri 
Lanka, promoting human/elephant harmony by the use of electric 
fencing around fields and gardens.
Alliance for International Reforestation $30,000.00
To construct a second training facility for local nursery owners and tree 
planters at Sololá.
American Bird Conservancy $25,000.00
The Plains,VA
Cartography for the book Photographic Atlas of Birds of North 
Animal Legal Defense Fund $50,000.00
To help assure the sustainability of ALDF through contribution to their 
Quasi-Endowment fund which will be available for emergencies or 
unexpected opportunities
Animal Legal Defense Fund $75,000.00
To end the Federal Wildlife Service's Kill Wildlife program; Protecting 
Big Cats; and Farmed Animal Prosecution Guidelines, protecting 
wildlife, captive and farmed animals
Bat Conservation International $40,000.00
Support for two bat conservation projects in Rwanda and Fiji.
Bay Journal Media $135,000.00
Seven Valleys,PA
Sustainability grant and annual operations
Bay Journal Media $20,000.00
Seven Valleys,PA
Fiscal sponsorship for film THINKING LIKE A WATERSHED
Bay Journal Media $25,000.00
Seven Valleys,PA
Support for the film "Thinking Like a Watershed" about the Chesapeake 
Bay before any humans interfered with its operations as a watershed.
Bhutan Foundation $80,000.00
Bhutan Foundation $10,000.00
For the Foundation's Small Grants Program, covering various projects 
in Bhutan
Chesapeake Conservancy $50,000.00
Support for Program Open Space, to advocate for legislation to support 
climate resiliency, equity and land management in Maryland's 
Chesapeake Bay watershed.
Chesapeake Film Festival $10,000.00
Support for the 2021 Chesapeake Bay Film Festival
Chesapeake Legal Alliance $50,000.00
Support for CLA's long-term sustainability.
Defenders of Wildlife $75,000.00
Red Wolf Conservation
Defenders of Wildlife $350,000.00
Defenders' Wildlife Restoration Campaign, to help rebuild the federal 
government's conservation capabilities, permanently strengthen bedrock 
environmental laws and directly meet the threats of the biodiversity and 
climate crises head-on.
Eastern Shore Land Conservancy $50,000.00
Continuing support for Delmarva Oasis, to conserve 30,000 acres of 
land on the Delaware//Maryland/Virginia peninsula by 2030.
Elephant Care International $20,000.00
Continuing support for veterinarians, helping more than 730 elephants 
in Laos, Thailand and Nepal during the COVID pandemic.
Elephant Care International $30,000.00
Continued support for the veterinarians who care for domestic 
elephants and their mahouts unemployed during this time of COVID in 
Laos and Thailand.
Environmental Integrity Project $50,000.00
To redress the neglect of the Clean Water Act of 1972, in preparation for 
that historic Act's 50th Anniversary
Environmental Integrity Project $50,000.00
To strengthen the Clean Water Act,update its out-of-date regulations, 
reverse the Waters of the United States rule, to extend CWA protection to 
all bodies of water, and other measures
Environmental Investigation Agency $30,000.00
Prevention of sale of ivory in Japan, especially during the Olympics
Environmental Investigation Agency $30,000.00
Preventing sale of ivory in Japan, especially during the Olympics
Insight Meditation Society $18,600.00
New trails around this Buddhist meditation center, for yogis during their 
walking periods.
International Rhino Foundation $10,000.00
Fort Worth, TX
Support for construction of a needed new rhino shelter.
Kent Cultural Alliance $5,000.00
Gift in memory of Tom McHugh, long-time advocate, sponsor and 
leader in promoting the arts in Kent County, MD, from founding The 
Mainstay jazz venue to advocating for and bringing arts to the County's 
pubic schools.
Kent Cultural Alliance $5,000.00
In memory of Tom McHugh, and his contributions to art education in 
the Kent County, MD schools.
LEAP $217,000.00
San Leandro,CA
Support for elephants, wetlands, community capacitation and general 
Lewis & Clark Law School $60,000.00
Support for Animal Law studies, preparing students to use the law to 
defend domestic and farm animals.
The Maryland/DC Chapter of The Nature Conservancy $50,000.00
The grant includes support for expansion of the Urban Baltimore 
Program, to lessen stormwater runoff impacts on water quality, and 
reduce flooding; and to help the Chapter scale up their stormwater 
runoff prevention across the Chesapeake Bay area.
Maryland League of Conservation Voters $50,000.00
Support for Climate Policy and Justice; and a Climate Fellow to help 
ensure Marylanders' right to a heathy environment and resilient climate 
well into the future.
Mongabay Org. Corp $25,000.00
Menlo Park,CA
Continued support for this on-line conservation and environment news 
reporters covering Sri Lanka, news that would otherwise never be 
National Aquarium in Baltimore $50,000.00
General Support and direct assistance for sea turtle Kai whose shell 
was damaged by an accident at sea.
National Gallery of Art $50,000.00
American Silence: The Photographs of Robert Adams, focusing on our 
responsibility to the land, and the moral dilemmas it presents.
National Geographic Society $150,000.00
the first of a 2-year pledge to assure that National Geographic 
photographer Joel Sartore is able to complete his work to photograph 
every species in captivity, in order to educate people on what can be lost 
in the wild; and inspire them to take action.
National Wildlife Federation $50,000.00
Operating funds for the Choose Clean Water Coalition, which works 
collectively on key federal policy issues that impact the Chesapeake Bay 
watershed restoration and supports work to reduce e pollution in local 
waters and the Bay.
Northern Jaguar Project $50,000.00
Land acquisition to expand the Jaguar Reserve in Sonora, Mexico, 
assuring these endangered cats and other predators more area to roam 
Northern Jaguar Project $80,000.00
Support for jaguar conservation in Sonora, Mexico, and the US, 
including general purposes and future expansion of the Reserve.
Old-Growth Forest Network $25,000.00
The Network identifies, designates and protects Old-Growth Forests in 
the East and elsewhere in the US.
The OPS Foundation $100,000.00
For film Last Place on Earth, dedicated to protecting the Leuser 
Ecosystem, Sumatra, Indonesia, the last place where elephants, rhinos, 
tigers and orangutans live in their native wild habitat
Orang Utan Republik Foundation $50,000.00
Santa Monica,CA
To assure sustainability for this organization which works for orang 
utan conservation in Sumatra.
Orang Utan Republik Foundation $15,000.00
Santa Monica,CA
Staff support for this orang utan conservation organization that works 
with local citizens and groups to protect orang utans in Sumatra, 
Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine $50,000.00
Educating on-line students in the need to adopt a plant-based diet as a 
way to greatly improved health
Smithsonian Conservation Biology Institute $50,000.00
Front Royal,VA
Research to instill natural anti-predator toxicity to captive-born dart 
frogs, to protect them when released into the wild.
Smithsonian Conservation Biology Institute $25,000.00
Front Royal,VA
Admin for long-term elephant veterinarian care program.
Spiritual Paths Foundation $30,000.00
Santa Barbara,CA
Film, The Dalai Lama's Gift to the World telling the story of Buddhist 
Kalachakras and mandalas
Sultana Education Foundation $50,000.00
Support for the easement for the Lawrence Wedlands Preservation 
project, to introduce visitors to the benefits of wetlands in the heart of 
historic Chestertown MD
Tricycle: The Buddhist Review $30,000.00
New New York, NY
Celebrating the 30th anniversary of this Buddhist publication, 
including magazine, podcasts, live virtual events and links to other 
Buddhist organizations and courses
Upstream Alliance $185,000.00
Environmental and young leadership on-the-water training on the 
Chesapeake Bay and Delaware River and Camden, NJ, as well as Board 
WildAid $30,000.00
San Francisco,CA
Continued support for the Smelly Elephant Project, which uses local 
African plants to create odors which keep elephants from destroying 
crops; and helping villagers make the product on their own, to avoid 
outside involvement.
Wildlands Network $25,000.00
Support for Borderlands Wildlife Restoration, along the US/Mexican 
border so destroyed by Wall construction by the previous administration; 
and Securing Safe Passage, building overpasses and underpasses for 
wildlife in the Great Smokies.
Wildlife Conservation Society $40,000.00
Bronx, NY
Response to the mange crisis afflicting South America's wild and 
domestic camelids.
Lion Guardians $50,000.00
Senior Management team skill building, expansion of conflict 
management between herders and lions, and support for head of donor 
Women Make Movies $25,000.00
New York,NY
Support for impact enhancement for film Tigre Gente exposing the 
extent of jaguar poaching in Bolivia and black market sale of their parts 
in China.
Women Make Movies $25,000.00
New York,NY
Assistance in advocacy for end to jaguar poaching and sale of their 
parts, following film Tigre Genet screening at Tribeca earlier this year.
Women Make Movies $75,000.00
New York,NY
Further support for Tigre Gente about jaguar poaching in Bolivia and 
sale of their parts in China, filmed by undercover agents.,  The film will 
be screened at the  prestigious Tribeca film festival  in New York City in 
June, 2021.
Women Make Movies $75,000.00
New York,NY
Further support for the film Tigre Gente about jaguar poaching in 
Bolivia and sale of their parts in China by undercover agents in both 
Grand Totals (60 items) $3,155,600.00