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The Shared Earth Foundation

 Mission Statement

The Shared Earth Foundation is committed to the tenet that all creatures have an enduring claim to sustainable space on this planet. It believes that today’s human beings have the responsibility to share Earth’s resources with other creatures and future generations by limiting their adverse impact on the planet, and by enriching and protecting Earth’s wild life and the places they inhabit.

To this end, the Foundation will fund organizations that promote protection and restoration of habitat for the broadest possible biodiversity, which foster respect for other species and individual creatures, which work to limit detrimental human impact on the planet, and which further the inherent right of all creatures to share the Earth.

 The Foundation looks to fund primarily, though not exclusively, small organizations. It will provide administrative as well as project funds, with possibility for renewal or continuation, in the US and abroad, to groups working in the natural and political worlds.

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Please note that the Foundation does not accept new partners or unsolicited applications. Our email address is sharedearthfdn(@)gmail.com without the()